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Review - Forget you Jennifer Echols

Back in civilisation! (been off camping all week). I got a bit of reading done.

I enjoyed this book a far bit but for me it wasn't in the same league as going too far. The thing that stood out for me in this book is that it is definately aimed at the older end of the young adult audience. It was full of sex and I personally thought it was perhaps a little too much in places for the audience it was aimed at. While I'm not saying that any of it was too extreme in anyway (and actually reasonably realistic throughout) I envisage younger adults picking it up and being highly influenced by it and doing things they ought not to. I suppose I would have been happy had it had a warning on it that it was that kind of book to warn off younger teens. The characters were less lovable, a bit complicated and more in depth than I would expect in a girly read. I loved love triangle idea but never really got why Zoey had the problems she did chosing which way to go. Not a bad read at all and well worth the time and effort to pick it up.

Next book - Evernight by Claudia Gray. Already half way through after giving up with Thirteen reasons why (couldn't cope with double narrative) and Never Let me go (got very very bored)


I actually really loved this book. It wasnt explicit just really steamy. Yes it isnt for the younger end of the market but there are worse things they can read :D
Thanks for the review :D
steamy is the word I was looking for. I'm sure there are definately worse things they can read - most of them are graffited in the back of the aged textbooks we have in the history department at school!

I think I'm biased because I loved loved loved going too far. John made me melt I want him to be my secret boyfriend!
I thought there was something missing in this book that Going Too Far definitely had as well.

I *loathed* Thirteen Reasons Why.