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Review - Evernight - Claudia Gray

I enjoyed this book quite a lot despite it being another in a long line of vampire books. It started off very slow and I was a little bored until it suddenly twists about half way through. Without giving the twist away all I can say is that it finally puts things into perspective and makes you understand everything that has gone on before with a little more clarity. The final section was extremely fast paced and engaging and left me wanting to find out what happens next. I wasn't keen on the main char cater although I could relate to her somewhat. I didn't really believe the connection between her and Lucas and would have liked a bit more background on them and their relationship. I loved the character of Balthazar and will be proudly waving my Team Balthazar banner when I finally do get through the next books in the series. Not the best series in the genre but a nice engaging read nevertheless.

Next book - Linger (mini excited dance!!)