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Review: Undeniable by Liz Bankes

Frank, funny and fabulous the new romantic novel from Liz Bankes.

Gabi is so excited she's spending the summer working as a runner on her favourite TV show. It's a dream come true! Plus it's perfect for for distracting her from The Break-Up especially with all those gorgeous actors around. And then there's Spencer Black: student, extra, expert flirt. Everything with him is fun, intoxicating and uncertain. Things between them are hotting up when he lands a minor role on the show. So is it make or break for them? Is Spencer undeniably the one for Gabi?

My Thoughts
I must admit I have got to the point where I'm wary about books that fall under the NA category and mostly only read this because I'd enjoyed the author's first book and because there are so few British authors writing books that could be considered NA and I do love championing British authors on my blog.

I am delighted to say I loved this book. It was funny and full of heart. I loved the main character Gabi to pieces and was completely hooked in by the storyline.

Undeniable is the story of Gabi. Gabi has recently split up with her boyfriend and decides to move to London for the summer to get away from it all and as a bonus work as a runner on the latest TV show The Halls. For Gabi this is a perfect opportunity to get her head sorted and fan girl over for favourite TV stars. I loved Gabi from the outset. She's the sort of girl you want to be best friends with. She is loyal and really sweet when it all comes down to it. She is brilliantly funny in pretty much everything she says as the girl as no filter and just says whatever crazy thing she has going on in her brain. This leads to some real laugh out loud comedy moments which had me giggling all he way through the book.

Another thing I loved bout this book was the hot love interest Spencer who comes onto the scene pretty soon into the book. He's gorgeous and sweet with Gabi and there are some sexy times scenes which were extremely steamy. I really enjoyed seeing the scenes between them and how their relationship grew and changed as he stepped more into the national stoplight after getting a new role on the show Gabi works as a runner for.

Special mention needs to go to Max. Please can we have more Max in future books? I can't tell you too much about him for fear of spoiling the book but I will say I absolutely loved him.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book was that Gabi's past and the reasons why she decides to get away from it all and move to London are slowly uncovered via a series of flashback scenes which I really enjoyed to get that insight into why she was doing the things she was.

Finally the things I really loved about this book was the way in which Gabi's friendship with her girly friends was portrayed. I loved their interactions as they felt so authentically teenage and I loved how the author caught that so perfectly in the book.

All in all a fab romantic read which I thoroughly enjoyed which an engaging storyline and a main character you can't help but want to root for.