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Review: Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider

After witnessing his girlfriend in a “very friendly” position with a guy who is definitely not him, closely followed by a catastrophic car accident that shatters his leg along with his pro Tennis hopes, Ezra Faulkner returns to school for senior year, cast into social oblivion, a shadow of his former self. Ezra believes that everyone suffers a defining tragedy: it appears that his has just occurred.

But this new tragic self might have its own appeal, especially after he meets the clever, oddly sexy Cassidy Thorpe, a girl who launches him into a series of transformative adventures that help Ezra learn the truth about tragedy: unlike lightning, it can and will strike the same place twice.

My thoughts

A quick review for this one.

This book is beautifully written throughout and almost quite lyrical throughout. I enjoyed that aspect of the book a lot. I loved how funny it was throughout the entire story and I must admit it did make me chuckle a lot. I loved loved loved the character of Toby. He was geeky cool and definitely the type of boy I would have fallen head over heels for as a teenager (even though he clearly wouldn't have been interested in me in that way).

However there was several things about the book that weren't for me. I didn't click with the main character Ezra at all and found him quite hard to relate to and therefore be sympathetic towards. I also felt the story was quite slow in places and I felt my mind wandering hoping that something exciting would come along soon. I also really didn't like the ending at all. It actually annoyed me quite a lot as it was one of those I didn't see the point of.

All in all not my favourite read of the year but if you are an avid John Green fan you'll probably devour it in one sitting.


Ailsa said…
Hmm, this sounds quite interesting.
I am a big fan of JOhn Green, so I'm hoping I'll love this. It was a complete bought on a whim purchase recently..