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Review: Blood Tracks by Paula Rawsthorne

Gina is a runner. With her feet pounding the ground and her dad watching, she feels as though she can fly. But when her dad dies in dramatic circumstances, Gina refuses to accept the explanations she is given. Struggling to find the truth, Gina finds herself plunged into a world far removed from the one she has known; a world of lies, crime and betrayal. A world that will make her question everyone and everything around her. And a world she can't run from.

My Thoughts
Blood tracks is a gripping thriller from Paula Rawsthorne which is full of twists and turns and unputdownable.

Blood tracks follows the story of Gina whose Dad has apparently committed suicide. However Gina isn't buying it and can't let it lie until she finds the truth. I literally couldn't read it fast enough as I found myself need to know what happened next.

I liked how well paced the book was and how it kept me utterly hooked throughout as I needed to know what happened next. The story itself is quite chilling and the eventual villain of the piece is really quite nasty to the point where you hate him on Gina's behalf. I loved following her story and seeing the story piece itself together and all slot into place by the end. I loved Declan the boy who Gina works with to solve the mystery about her father's death. I loved what he brought to the story and enjoyed every scene with him in.

The only thing I really didn't like was Gina herself. I found her to be a little bit bratty and it therefore meant I got fed up with her and therefore could see why everyone around her dismissed her protestations about her father's death because she was so irritating.

So all in all a book was gripping and had me on the edge of my seat despite not being a fan of the main character. Well worth a read.


I find that really interesting that the main character annoyed you but that you still enjoyed the book. This one is on my shelf to be read soon and I don't know what about it is putting me off right now?