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No Books Allowed

This month has been brilliant. I love August anyway as I'm always off work and I get to do lots of exciting things

We decided to not go on a proper holiday this year to save a bit of cash so instead we have been on a few mini breaks away this year. The most exciting of which was this month when we went to Stratford upon Avon.

We did all the touristy stuff throughout the days there including seeing all the Shakespeare houses in and around Stratford. I must admit I am not at all a Shakespeare fan but the historian in me loved going round the Tudor houses (and cringed a bit at the displays that said "this may have been Shakespeare's ring" etc)

Whilst in Stratford we managed to see All's well that Ends well by the Royal Shakespeare Company which was excellent (and made me grumpy that we couldn't get tickets to see Richard II when David Tennant is in it). I do think Shakespeare needs to be seen to be appreciated. I hated reading Shakespeare at school but had I seen it live as a teenager things might have been different.

Also whilst in Stratford we took a day trip to Warwick Castle. I love castles and the history geek inside me gets very excited. Warwick castle itself is super impressive and they have a working Trebuchet which was immense. However the place is an extremely expensive day out and much like a castle themed play park aimed at squeezing as much money out of families as possible and I must admit by the time is started to get busy I started to hate the place just a little bit and was cross at the crass commercialism of it all. 

I also was very very lucky and had a chance to go on a hot air balloon ride this month which was immense. We were lucky as we got to go up first time we booked (most people get cancelled at least twice) and I loved it. Definitely one I'd recommend.

Other than our little adventures out this month has mostly been about trying to get me walking properly again. It has now been a year since I broke my leg and I'm mostly doing well with it. However I used to do lots and lots of walking especially when on Holiday and I have missed it. Therefore this month I've been off doing lots of walks on the beach to try to build up the muscle which still isn't quite built enough. No one realises just how long it takes for these things to heal and I'm still regularly told "you're still limping? Why?" Those people are lucky I haven't flipped and thumped them yet!

I'm currently watching Tru Calling in the evenings. I must admit at first I wasn't keen but it is growing on me as a series and I suspect I'll get properly into it just as it finishes as it was cancelled quite early on.


BookZone said…
I love Stratford. I worked there during my year off between A Levels and my degree and it is such a lovely town. And yes, I agree with you, Shakespeare has to be watched to be fully appreciated.

Warwick Castle is stupidly expensive, but it is a stunning castle. I went to school just down the road and saw it pretty much every day.
Sarah said…
I've never actually been to Stratford but I'd love to visit one day. It's been on my places to see list for a long time now LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed All's Well That Ends Well, it's one of the many Shakespeare plays I've never seen.

We saw Hamlet on a school trip and it really brought the story to life for me, Shakespeare isn't easy to read but he's a brilliant storyteller.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the hot air balloon trip! That is something I'll never get tired of doing, I just wish it wasn't so expensive LOL
It's been years since I visited Stratford, I'd love to go back sometime soon. And I'd definitely love to see some Shakespeare when we're out there.

..Going up on a hot air balloon sounds fantastic. I'm very wary about booking something similar because of all the horror stories about cancellations. Glad you had a greattime!