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Review: Double Crossing by Richard Platt

It's 1908, and David O'Connor, newly orphaned and alone in the world, has had to leave his home in Ireland to go and live with his uncle and aunt in America. His journey to New York and his new life there are tougher than David could ever have imagined, especially when he is harbouring a dark secret which he must take with him to his grave. His incredible story is recorded in his journal, complete with mementoes of his journey.

My thoughts

A really quick and engaging read which I really enjoyed.

Double crossing is the story of David O'Connor who is orphaned and sent abroad to live with his Uncle in New York. It is a really interesting read as it shows the historical period off really well. I loved seeing the difference between the upper and lower classes and their differing experiences of life. I really loved the character of David as you follow his story from Ireland to America. A fabulous example of how historical fiction for teens should be done. Rich and full of historical detail without being dry and dull. The story is complimented with a series of pictures which add nicely to the story. I won't go into any detail but I loved the ultimate twist in the story and loved being surprised with how the story turns out.

A fab little read which is well worth a look.