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British Books Challenge: November Sign up

We are now onto the penultimate month of the 2012 British Books Challenge. How close are you all to completing??

The October Prize pack (sponsered by Chicken House) ws won by Beth from Thoughts from the Hearthfire for her review of Lance of Truth by Katherine Roberts

November's Prize Pack will be coming from Nosy Crow and is sure to be a treat.

 Please link your reviews for a chance of winning!


M said…
I've linked up a few of my reviews for this month.
Mel said…
I've been a bit lapsed in the last couple of months on British books so will do a big push for this month! I'm already done 30 books - if I can reach 40 for the year, I will be happy! :-)
Shakira said…
Well I've passed my target for 50 reviews!
Hoping to get 75!
Beth Kemp said…
Thank you (and thanks to the wonderful people at Chicken House) for the marvellous prize pack! I have 2 series to dig into now: The Maze Runner trilogy (they sent me the whole thing!), and Kirsty McKay's Undead series (I got both Undead and Unfed). :) <3
Victoria Hooper said…
I'm lagging behind a bit on this one, need to pick up the pace - read a lot of books on holiday in October, so will be writing up the reviews and posting as many as I can this month to catch up! :-)

P.S. K.J. Parker is a mysterious author - no-one knows who he/she is - but they do definitely live in Britain, so I think it counts.
Mehak said…
Linking my 1st review for the month