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Review: Desert Angel by Charlie Price

Desert Angel by Charlie Price
Published by Corgi

Nowhere is safe...
Angel is on the run. Her mother is dead, her body buried in a shallow grave by her latest boyfriend, Scotty, a ruthless, illegal hunter who is prone to violence and who wants Angel dead before she can talk to the police.
Angel has lived through more than a young girl should have but she's determined to stay alive.
But in the scorching heat of the open desert, where can she hide?

I was looking forward to this book for a while but unfortunately it wasn't for me.

From reading the synopsis I thought it the story would be one of hunting and survival Katniss Stylee using the bare essentials scavenged from the land. I actually think this was really misleading as it reality Angel finds people to take her in and help up out. Yes I know she is only 14 and actually more realistic that this would happen but it certainly wasn't as exciting.

I also found the police to be an odd force in this one. They are confronted with a girl who tells them such a story as Angel does they they don't help her even if it were to the point of putting into some kind of care.

All in all this wasn't the book I expected and sadly didn't do it for me