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British Books Challenge: February Review Link up

Welcome to February's review link up post

In January I read the following British Books:
Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge
Hollow Pike by James Dawson
Oliver Twisted by JD Sharpe
Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (American author living in UK and book first published in UK)
Day Light Saving by Ed Hogan

The winner of the January prize Pack is Laura aka Sister Spooky

Below is a Mister Linky for you to add your February British Books Challenge reviews. Please remember to put in the exact URL of your review and not just your blog address.

Before you link up your review make sure you have signed up for the British Books Challenge on the original sign up post here


Prize Pack: 

This month's prize pack is from Indigo / Orion Children's Books which will be won by one of the participants for their reviews linked below. The prize pack will contain copies of the following British Titles:

Hollow Pike by James Dawson
By Midnight and Darkness Falls by Mia James
The Hunting Ground by Cliff McNish
Dark Parties by Sara Grant
Dark Warning by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
One winner will be picked at random from the linked up list below so the more reviews you do the most chances you will have to win.

First to review prizes
I will also have a selection of books available each month for those people who link the first reviews each month. This month I have available

2 copies of One seriously messed up week in the otherwise uneventful life of Jack Samsonite by Tom Clempson
1 copy of Code Name Verity by Elizbeth Wein
1 copy of Oliver Twisted by JD Sharpe
2 copies of Advent by James Treadwell

If the titles above are still uncrossed and you are in the UK please contact me as soon as you linked your review with your address and the title you'd like and I'll get it posted out to you.


Shakira said…
just done my 1st one 4 the month
who won jans prize pack?
srivalli said…
Linked my first one for this month
Mel said…
Wow - you have managed to get some great prizes for this month - I will have to get reading! :-)
Ailsa said…
I think mine is technically a January review, as I posted it a couple of days ago, so I'm not sure if I'm eligible for giveaways, but I do live in the UK :)

Where would be a good place to find a list of the British books released each month? I think I need some inspiration.

Leah said…
just linked mine up but think i did it wrong, as i thought i put my name instead of the books name!Hope its ok!!
starryabigail said…
sent in my first review!
Leah said…
Linked up my second review, it was so brill, i read it quick! :D
Cheryl Pasquier said…
Hello, I've only just discovered the challenge and signed up so I'm playing catch up ! I've posted the links to my three British books read so far this year, even though they were from January - hope that's OK. I've just been scouring my bookshelf to see which other books are British ! Looking forward to reading your reviews too. :)

Cheryl @
starryabigail said…
sent in my second review!
Shakira said…
Just sent in second review

Who won january's prize pack?
Did you announce the winner?
Shakira said…

Ok, sorry for "not" reading it properly.
Please understand that I'm not trying to purposely annoy you or anything and I'm sorry if you feel that way.
Hi there! Just linked up - sorry but I put my name instead of the name of the post ... gosh darn it!

Can't wait for the February Draw!
LilithElina said…
Is there any rule what to state as "your name" when linking a review? This is so confusing!
Any way, linked my first for February under the book's title and my name. :-)
Mel said…
Just put in my second review for the month - Rivers of London. Brilliant read - highly recommended!! :-)
Cheryl Pasquier said…
Just added a new review for Lucy Diamond's The Beach Café - that one's been on my review shelf for a while !! lol
Library Quine said…
Now i've posted 3 reviews of picture books.
Mel said…
Third review up - beaten my January record! :-)
starryabigail said…
sent in my 3rd review!
Kerrie said…
I've completed 13 books so far this year, all crime fiction . My summary page is here
srutsam said…
Absolutely adore this challenge!
Maybe I'm a month late in signing up, but I'm already adding to my book count :D Can't wait to see this one through!