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What I'm doing with my half term ....

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know how much I have been looking forward to this half term as I have been so much in the past 7 weeks with late night events at school and GCSE marking.

February half term is always a strange one because Hadley can never have time off for it so I have a whole week to myself

This is what I plan to do with my half term

  • get my haircut - I already am booked in to go and see my lovely celebrity hairdresser. I have never had a hairdresser who I can totally trust and I can him which is fab. I just sit down and let him do his thing. I never used to look forward to going to the hairdresser but I relly do now!
  • Lunch with moses - half term is also the time when I see my friend who also works in soon and we have lunch mid week and laugh at our other friends who are working
  • Reading - I want to smash my review pile back so I am not feeling guilty all the time
  • Cleaning - alas - half term means cleaning week too. I am hoping to finally clear out my dressing room so I can actually use it again.
  • School work - yes even though it half term I will still be working. I have 7 weeks worth of lessons to plan out and year 8 books and homework projects to marks.
  • Take the cat to the vets - Kairi is booked in for a blood pressure check up! I sense it will be expensive!
  • Knitting - I have requests from 5 of my pupils to make them animal hats which I have been meaning to do since the Christmas hols. If I get them done I'll post a few pics!
  • Blogging - half term also means I can catch up on blogging - get scheduled ahead and visit everyone else and leave comments yay!!
What are your plans for the week off??


    Liz. R said…
    Sounds like you'll be having a busy week! The marking sounds awful though, good luck :/. I'll be doing work during half term - the amount of work we got set was ridiculous. I love how nobody informs you at the end of GCSEs how insanely huge the jump between GCSEs and A Levels is...I'm swamped. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch up on reading/blogging too. And your lucky students! I wish someone would knit me something :P. Have a great week :).
    Mel said…
    Even though you might not be at work - it definitely sounds like you'll be working! :) Hope you manage to have a productive yet restful week off.
    Sarah said…
    Sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned for the week & you'll probably end up being more busy than you would be at work lol. I hope you have a fun week & manage to get everything done :o) Good luck taking Kairi to the vets, I hope it's not too expensive (my cat has cost me a fortune in the last few months so I can totally relate to the fear of going lol)
    iffath said…
    A very busy half term for you then! I need to read, clean, do school work and blog too, so we can do them together! xD

    And, wow, you knit? That's awesome! I've always wanted to make myself a hat..but I know I'd mess it all up!

    Have fun! x
    Wow, it sounds like you have a busy week - I hope you'll leave some time for yourself as well ;)

    Have a great week :D
    That sounds like a very busy week! I don't know how you're going to cram all that in! I've got the boys in tow, but we're going to have a very relaxed week, I think. Taking them to the library today, maybe the park tomorrow. Possibly the cinema, but only if they're really good (and fancy the idea of Tangled!) Travel by train to have lunch with N, if his work allows. I think the will go by pretty quickly..

    For me, I'd like to get more reading done! I have a massive stack of review books that I've fallen behind with :(