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In my Mailbox (35)

Just a quick IMM this week - thank you for Kristi for hosting!

I'm comment back on my lovely commenters asap - I am currently in Scotland and internetless!!

The Memory Cage by Ruth Eastham (UK paperback)
I was pleased to find the lovely Scholastic sent me a finished copy of this book because I loved it but even more excited to see I am quoted on the press release!!! Fab book - go hunt it out if you like Michael Morpurgo

Awakened by PC and Kristin Cast (Audio book)
I finished this as a book last week on my way to the RHCB bloggers brunch. I have never ever had an audio book in my life - maybe it's time to start now I have a car with a CD player. It's out in February for you audio books fans)

Belle's song by KM Grant (UK paperback)
This looks fab - historical fiction. I've not heard a lot about it but I'm looking forward to it lots!


iffath said…
Yay you for being on the press release :) I'm halfway through The Memory Cage!

Enjoy your books x
Rebecca said…
Great books you got this week. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.
Amber said…
You got three great novels this week. I love the cover for Belle's Song. Hope you enjoy them all!

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Mel said…
Belle song intrigues me - I haven't seen many historical YA books around recently...perhaps I'm not looking hard enough! :)
Mel said…
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Mel said…
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Mel said…
Sorry - somehow managed to leave my comment three times! Have removed the surplus. :)
serendipity_viv said…
Belle's Song - definitely!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your mention. That must feel so good! =)
Great book week. Congrats on the quote - I think the Memory Cage would be too painful for me to read.
Elodie said…
AWESOME BOOKS !! I hope you'll enjoy all of them !! Happy reading ;)
Yay, congrats on the quote in the press release - I meant to say congratulations earlier when I saw it.

Happy Reading :D
Aisle B said…
Congrats on being quoted from the Memory Cage. Doing happy dance for you. Girl you MADE IT!

Enjoy your loot and the fame... i think you should buy more copies of Memory Cage to show your family and friends... heck they should buy their own copies instead!
Sally said…
I haven't heard of Belle's Song but it looks good.
Congrats on the quote.
Happy Reading.

Here's Me:
You're quoted on the press release!!! How excited is that? :) Congratulations. Someone recently recommended The Memory Cage to me, it sounds as though it'd be really interesting.
Sugar and Snark said…
Great mailbox! Enjoy :)

My Post

Wow, I love the cover for Belle's Song - it's really pretty. I hope you enjoy your books :)

Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Great list this week, enjoy!