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Review - My love lies bleeding - Alyxander Harvey

The Blakes are rather different to your usual neighbours. They are vampires and some of the members of the family date back to the twelfth century. One of the children, Solange, is the only born female vampire known and, as such, she poses a direct threat to the vampire queen. Her best friend Lucy is human, and when Solange is kidnapped Lucy and Solange's brother, Nicholas, set out to save her. Lucy soon discovers that she would like to be more than just friends with Nicholas. But how does one go about dating a vampire? Meanwhile, Solange finds an unlikely ally in Kieran, a vampire slayer on the hunt for his father's killer.


I don't like to write less than good reviews but I just didn't get on with this book. The ideas behind it are original and could be very engaging but the story just doesn't deliver. I feel it was too rushed with too much content. I didn't warm to any of the characters as I didn't feel there was enough for me to get to know them. Therefore as things were happening I was often thinking "do I actually care". I didn't think enough of the background was explained so when different events happened I didn't really fully understand their significance. That said I think the series has potential but it won't be one I will rush out to buy any time soon and instead wait until I can get it on readitswapit.


Sorry you didnt like this one, I adore The Drake Chronicles and Blood Feud was fantastic :D