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Review - Killing God - Kevin Brooks

Dawn Bundy is fifteen. She doesn't fit in and she couldn't care less. Dawn has other things on her mind. Her dad disappeared two years ago and it's all God's fault. When Dawn's dad found God, it was the worst time ever. He thought he'd found the answer to everything. But that wasn't the end of it

I quite enjoyed this book. A quick read which doesn't really seem like it is going anywhere until the very end when everything finally kicks off. I must admit I did see the twist coming but not the ending. I liked the main character Dawn and could sympathese with her (although not really relate to her). Well worth the time and effort.


prophecygirl said…
I loved this one!
Kevin Brooks is one of those authors that I just want to read. I've only read one of his books, but all of his others sound amazing as well..