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my library pics

I have nicked these pictures from a guest post / feature I did for Amy's blog last weekend.

These pictures will help you to see why I have given my blog the name I have.

When we moved house last year we found had a little strange room off the kitchen which we didn't know what to do with. It was too small to be a dining room and we didn't need a study. We ended up turning it into our library. Between us we have hundreds of books and we have bookcases stuffed everywhere in the old house and the way we have been now in one room is fab. The picture above shows you our little library from a variety of different angles. I will admit most of them are not mine and are my husbands (I have read a lot of his though). It's a peaceful little room set apart from the rest of the house. I often curl up in the big chair in there for a few hours. We are running out of space rapidly and I may need to invest in bespoke floor to ceiling book shelves (after all the other DIY jobs have been done)

This bookcase is my book case. I am hoping to branch out to a second one soon but I will need to move some of my husband's stuff elsewhere to do this.

I only keep books I really like. Most of my collection is Young Adult but there is the odd adult book mixed in there (along with my History of Norwich book - written by a lot of the lecturers who taught me at UEA). I have some fab ones in there like my first edition twilight which my husband bought for me years ago and a copy of gone to soldiers my friend bought me for my 21st birthday. You'll also notice I have a lovely pair of Harry and Hermione bookends which my Mother in Law bought my husband and I stole from him! (I do have another mini shelf tucked in the corner of my old children's books but I don't really read them any more).

In addition to this book case I also have a TBR mini bookcase next to my bed. This is the place where I put all my beautiful new purchases so I can look at them before I go to sleep. I love looking at them! Since I've been on my summer holidays it has changed a lot as my reading turnover has increased somewhat.

There is no order to this shelf at all I just pick them up as they call to me. You also she all my random bits of junk chucked all over it including mr plague rat who needs to be at school, my calming rock lamp and a variety of bookmarks.


Vicky B said…
Man, I wish I had room for so many bookcases! I have on that's overflowing, a mini one in my closet that's full of journals, a shelf by my bed for special books, and one bookcase that I can't use for my heavy books because it bows realllllly easily. Sigh. One day I'll have a room just for my books.
prophecygirl said…
Wow! I love your library/shelves/book collection! And you have the original Twilight too. Very cool :D
Cass said…
That is amazing. I'd like to know how you ever get out of that room... I catch myself just looking at my puny-in-comparison bookshelf all the time! My first bookshelf is quickly filling up, not quite overflowing just yet. My room isn't big enough to accomodate any more furniture, even a bookshelf. So...I don't know what's going to happen in a few months time, because at that time it'll definitely be "overflowing".
I want to life in that room. Awesome :D
Anonymous said…
I love your mini library. I litterally only have room for 1 bookshelf in my room - so books end up under my bed too.
Oh I LOVE seeing people's bookshelves! Thank you for sharing :)