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Fab Friday Findings (2)

Fab Friday Findings is a newish weekly post of mine to tell you all about new things I have recently discovered that I think you might like to know about

Today's fab Friday find is UK book tours

I have been waiting for a site like this is for ages and here it is

The site is run ny Lyndsey and it is a book tours site exclusively for bloggers in the UK. I am so pleased about it because it is really really difficult to get ARCs in the UK. I have had several requests for them turned down purely because I am in the UK. We are all very jealous of all you American bloggers with all of your shiny ARCs and we want some of the action!! Anyway this site is fab and I have already signed up for several books which I am very very excited about.


Lisa said…
I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you here.