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Review - The Rescue - Sophie McKenzie

The third title in a thrilling new series about four teenagers with psychic abilities, from Red House Book Award-winning author, Sophie McKenzie.

This series is improving with each book. It picks off where the last one left off with the 4 teenagers of the Medusa project heading of to a camp in Spain. I really enjoyed the fact that this book was for Ed's point of view as he has been a character who hasn't really developed all that much so far. I really enjoyed seeing him grow into his ability throughout the story. As with previous books the story is a very quick read. It is probably better for a younger age target audience as I find them a little predictable and sometimes want to shout at the characters for doing really silly really obvious stuff. The pace of the book was quick and there was a lot of action throughout the story. The final part in the church was particularly good. A series I'd really recommend for younger teens. Looking forward to seeing where it goes when the next one is published.