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In my Mailbox (12)

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I didn't receive loads of books this week but the ones I did were awesome and ones I had been waiting for, for a while. While making the most of my last week of not being at work I have read all of them (well I will have done in an hour or two) which was also helped by the fact that my cold came back and I have had a couple of days about the house not doing a lot

From (all preorders)

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins (very excited about this)

I am number four - Pittacus Lore   (very very excited about the film coming out next year)

The Legacy - Gemma Malley (awesome series that I love brilliant dystopian fiction)

The Candidates - Inara Scott (this looks awesome - I am about 1/3 through and loving it)

Expect reviews for all of these soon! I intend to read as much as possible during my final three days of freedom - I literally do not know how I'm going to manage going back  after 5 and half weeks off work.


Great book week. I really love the sound of The Legacy :D Happy reading
Misha said…
Great books! Have a fun time reading them.
Here's what I got this week.
In My Mailbox
Fi-chan said…
Nice! Mockingjay and I am Number Four! I wish they would release Mockingjay in paperback with US cover sooon, I can't get the UK paperback, it wouldn't match my other two books. :/

Thanks for commenting on my IMM post!
wow what great books, I'm partway through Mockingjay and loving it so far. I really want to read I Am Number Four and am looking forward to reading what you think of it :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog!
prophecygirl said…
What a great week! I'm reading The Legacy next and I'm so excited. :)

Hope you enjoy!
Manda said…
I think almost everyone who didn't have it already got Mockingjay this week (including me)! Won't be hard to guess who'll be the topseller this year. :D Can't wait for tomorrow night so I can start reading it again. The Legacy and The Candidates look awesome.
Great books this week! I hope you enjoy Mockingjay!
I got Mockingjay too but I'll be waiting to read it over Labor Day Weekend. *gasp* I know I'm showing restraint but I want a weekend where I don't feel like I'm bogged down with book reviews to enjoy the last installment.

The Candidate sounds like a great read - I'll have to add it to my TBR pile.

Enjoy your books!
i've heard alot about number four!! Can't wait to hear what you think!
A.J. said…
I keep hearing about I Am Number Four. Sounds interesting. :)
All of these sound great! I'll be waiting to hear what you think of the Candidates and The Legacy!
Dwayne said…
I looved Mockingjay and I am Number Four so do enjoy them! I'll be waiting to hear your thoughts about The Candidates though - it's been on my TBR for some time:)
Candace said…
I'm reading The Candidates too! I'm planning to go to the authors release party on the 11th and will get it signed! YAY! You got lots of great books!
It's neat to see the UK cover of Mockingjay. Enjoy it!
First time I am hearing about The Legacy. Thanks for the GR link- I tbr'd it!

The other books of yours I either read and want to read very much!=)
Jenny N. said…
Great books! Seems like everyone has a copy of Mockingjay and I Am Nuber Four looks good too. Hope you enjoy all your new books.
Liz. R said…
Ooh, The Legacy! I'm really looking forward to that. And The Candidates looks awesome too! Enjoy :).
Unknown said…
I love seeing the different covers in different parts of the world! It's fascinating to see how the world see's the different novels!!

Great choices!!
Ava said…
Mockingjay is awesome, and I've also been wanting to read I Am Number Four! Love your blog design, by the way. :)
Michaela A said…
I can't wait to read The Legacy, I hope it's good and you enjoy it, and the others too.
vvb32 reads said…
so curious about i am number four now that you mention it is turning into a film. happy reading ;-D
Great selection of books. I'm so dying to read The Hunger Games. Hope you enjoy!
Great books this week! I want to read Mockingjay, too! Enjoy:)

Kelly said…
Great books! I'm currently reading Mockingjay myself :D Hope you enjoy it!
Lizzy said…
You got a bunch of great books this week! I Am Number Four looks really interesting, I'll have to check it out. Happy reading :)