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Vampire Academy Cover vs Cover

I love covers and am a sucker for buying a book purely for its cover - what do you think of the new set of Vampire Academy Covers?

I do like the original covers - although the first couple remind me of Buffy and how she looked on the early boxset covers. From seeing the new ones in the flesh I can say they are nice and probably brilliant for this time of year and they look christmassy with the red.

What do you prefer?


Aylee said…
I like them! I like the dripping of blood in the corner
I'm not fond of the original covers. I don't really like the idea of having an actual face on some covers as it sometimes takes away from what Iwould have imagined the characters to look like. So yeah, I'm liking the red covers.
Mel said…
I have to admit I wasn't that fond of the new covers at first but was looking at them in store today. The detail in the design is very good and they look much better in person! They are growing on me!
Silver Thistle said…
I really hated those old covers. Loving the reprints though. Much nicer.