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Review: Parasite Positive by Scott Westerfeld

Parasite Positive by Scott Westerfeld
Published by ATOM
Cal was infected by a parasite that has a truly horrifying effect on its host. Cal himself is a carrier, unchanged by the parasite, but he’s infected the girlfriends he’s had since Morgan. All three have turned into the ravening ghouls Cal calls Peeps. The rest of us know them as vampires. It’s Cal’s job to hunt them down before they can create more of their kind. . . . Bursting with the sharp intelligence and sly humor that are fast becoming his trademark, Scott Westerfeld’s novel is an utterly original take on an archetype of horror.A year ago, Cal Thompson was a college freshman more interested in meeting girls and partying than in attending biology class. Now, after a fateful encounter with a mysterious woman named Morgan, biology has become, literally, Cal’s life.

The thing I really like about Scott Westerfeld is that his writing is so diverse. Everything of his I have read so far has been completely different to all the other things I have read of his. This series is no different.

Parasite Positive (Peeps for my readers in the USA) is no exception. It is a vampire story with a twist. In this world all vampires, are not vampires as such and just people infected with a certain parasite.

the story was fast paced and full of action. It was really creepy in quite a lot of places (I never want to see a rat again and I am a little freaked out when I see my cat at the moment). I also liked that it was quite witting and funny in places too.

The only thing I did not like was that the book alternates between Cal's story and chapters about parasites. They grossed me out so much that I stopped reading them.

All in all a short and quick read which is refreshingly original.


I have had this on my self for a while. I guess I should put it nearer the top then YES????
Hmm. I keep reading positive reviews of this one lately, but for me it would have been on my book-break-ups list!!
Ooh! How have I not heard of this one before, my wishlist has just grown :D

Thanks for a great review :)
Kat said…
Oh, this is Peeps! When I first saw this, I assumed it was a new Scott Westerfeld book and did a mini-freak-out. I love Peeps, though I must say I like the new cover and title, Parasite Positive, better than the US one. Great review. :)