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2010 round up

 I thought I'd finish the year with a little round up of 2010

2010 Overview

The Blog .....
I started overflowinglibrary in June this year - an exciting venture for me as I have always wanted to know how to maintain some kind of wesbite - I have learnt a lot about blogging and the process of maintaining a blog alongside doing a full time job. I have read 162 books this year, 24 of them have been debut novels

Best bits of my blogging adventure so far has been

Meeting other lovely UK bloggers - you are all truly fab and continue to make me laugh and smile on a day to day basis. I am genuniely touched by how kind and generous you all are and I don't know how I managed my mad book habit without you all. Special mentions have to go to Emma at asamum's booktopia, (fab lady who provided the intial inspiration for my blog) Clover at fluttering butterflies (for leaving me lovely comments all the time, sending me lovely things and generally being fab), Jenny at wondrous reads (for promoting my blog when it was new and helping me to establish myself, even if I am continually jealous of her TBR pile), Iffath at lovereadingx (For being her amazing teenage self - I will keep sending you books) Jesse at books for teens (For adding my blog to his weekly round of reviews post!) Lyndsey at heaven, hell and purgatory (for  generally being fab and lovely) and Becky at (For putting up with my random chats about BBC and other OCD things) and all the other UK bloggers I chat to on here and on twitter. You are all fab

Being contacted to review some awesome books! I never thought I would ever receive any books for review and I was thrilled to receive the odd one or two I did back in the summer. In the last month everything has kicked off review wise and I have been receiving a great deal more for review. I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

Discovering Both Kristi and her blog rock. I am a daily visitor and she is a complete inspiration on how to run a blog and have a normal life and job alongside it.

The Books ... 

BEST BOOK READ IN 2010: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Picking this book has been a hard decision. I have read so many awesome books this year but I think this was the best. I was totally gripped by it and read it in a matter of hours. Fab stuff

MOST DISAPPOINTING BOOK READ IN 2010: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

I just hated how it ended. I really got cross about it. I won't say much because I will start to rant but I really wanted it to go another way, I really did.

MOST SURPRISING BOOK READ IN 2010: Going too far by Jennifer Echols

I bought this book because people had said good things but I was then reluctant to read it as I didn;t think it would be my sort of thing. I was so badly wrong because it was totally awesome!

BOOK I WOULD MOST RECOMMEND IN 2010: My name is memory by Ann Brashares

 I loved this book and I haven't seen all that many reviews for it. Therefore if I were to recommend one book it would be this because it is fab but under noticed!

BEST SERIES OF 2010: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I had been meaning to read this series for years. I even had the first two books ready waiting for me. It wasn't until I was asked to review Last Sacrifice that I finally picked them up. All I can say is that I have been missing out. This series is so incredibly awesome. I can't wait for the spin off series!!

NEW AUTHOR OF 2010: Andrea Cremer author of Nightshade

I only just read this but it was amazing. I can't wait to see what happens next in the series. I also love that Andrea is a History professor - just proves my long held theory that historians rock!

MOST UNPUTDOWNABLE BOOK OF 2010: I am number four by Pittacus Lore

I loved this book and thought it was amazing. I was gripped all the way through and I down think it could have put it down had I been begged to. I now need to know what happens next (I also can't wait for the film)

MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF 2010: Matched by Ally Condie

I was so looking forward to this book for months and had had it on preorder for ages. Imagine my surprise after a long day at school (think 45 kids on coach on trip to London) when I received an email offering me it. An awesome book and brilliant start to a series!

BEST COVER OF 2010: Brightly woven by Alexandra Braken

 Not one of the best books I have read this year (not really my thing) but I love this cover as it is gorgeous!!

MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF 2010: The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson

 A gorgeous story and beautiful book. The story has poems scattered throughout all done on coloured backgrounds. I loved it


 This book is amazing. It really made me think and had a huge impact of me. Definately worth hunting down

BOOK I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T READ UNTIL 2010: Cassandra Clare's (all of them - yes I know this is cheating)

These books are awesome. I can't believe I didn't pick them up sooner. They are just fab

Personal highlights this year ...

We have started to get to grips with our new house - we moved in very late 2009 and have spent the last year getting straight - still a long while before we are sorted though.

Discovering Topping and Co in Ely and rediscovering The Norfolk Children's Book Centre - both awesome shops

Attending the weddings of three sets of friends which were all very different. Kim and Ben's as it involved a large group of friends I have known for a long while now and it was lovely spending time with them all. I also enjoyed the reception of the Ovel's wedding which was in a an East End pub and so completely different to anything I've been to before.

Being asked to team lead for the examboard - a big step up for my examing career (if can call it that - more a sideline career add on)

Our trips to cambridge (all three of them) were fab this year. Cambridge is one of my favourite places in the world and one of the only places I can ever see myself moving too permanently

Going to Devon to see my brother in his passing out parade for his Royal Marine training. I loved the Britishness of it

Getting Cleo the cat - another one of our adoptees who after a difficult start has settled into the household well

The Lowlights ....

Being ill on my birthday and having to spend it at work and having to do extra to cover for other people who weren't pulling their weight and having to stay for an evening function all on the same day - didn't get home until 8.30pm

Losing Richard Davies - a local hero and inspiration

Everything that went on to cause a rift in our extended family unit which I hope will mend in time.


      the story siren said…
      thanks so much for the shout out Kirsty! here's to another year of awesome books! (and blogging!)
      What a lovely post. Thank you for the mention *blushes* Blogging is like having an extended family but one that has the same interests as you and on occasions is a darn sight nicer than your family ;D
      Here is to 2011 *cheers*
      What a great round-up! I really enjoyed reading your post. One of my favourite books of the year was 'I Am Number Four' too. I'm dying for the release of the second one and I'm definitely going to see the film in Feb as well :)
      Leanna Elle said…
      I totally agree with you on My Name is Memory. I picked it as one of my top books of the year. I can't wait to find out what happens next, but I haven't heard anything about book 2 yet.

      I also agree with you about Vampire Academy. I just recently jumped on board that series, and I'm addicted!!

      Happy 2011! :)
      Anonymous said…
      I agree about most of these, especially the Hunger Games, Going Too Far and City of! Great post!

      I also agree that Kristi's blog is amazing :D
      writer girl said…
      loved your choices!! i just became a follower. have a happy new year :)
      Matched is a very popular book! Can't wait for my library to get it in!
      iffath said…
      I promise I will be my awesome teenage self if you keep your promise to send me books all the time!! Haha, just joking! But you know, I don't mind.. ;))

      YAY for Vampire Academy..I hope 2011 will bring more awesome vamps for us!! Nightshade too, I'm only half way through it right now, but I've already fallen in love!!
      Aww :) Thank you for the lovely shout out! I'm so glad you started blogging, I absolutely you and your blog! So thank YOU. Also, I couldn't agree with you more on some of your choices!

      The Chosen One was defintely emotional and had a huge impact. The Sky Is Everywhere was SO beautiful! And I really couldn't love Going Too Far anymore than I already do. I am SUCH a massive Jennifer Echols fan-girl.

      I really hope 2011 is a good year for you!