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My favourite bookshops

I have been wanting to do this post for a while. I absolutely love going to bookshops but don't do it as much as I'd like as the only one in town is rubbish. I actually have a better YA/children's selection at home than what they have in the shop. I therefore end up buying a lot of books online (especially American ones) and going to actual shops is very very exciting. I am very lucky in that my husband loves his books too so happily follows me around on bookshop days. So in no particular order these are the bookshops I love to visit.

The Norfolk Children's book centre - Near Aylsham, Norfolk

A fantastic children's bookshop. I am making an effort to buy a few books there each month.  I like to support them as they are so awesome. When you arrive you are offered a cup of tea and its so cosy and wonderful that I could spend all day there in book heaven. They do book signing events quite regularly and have a book group I need to join asap!

Topping and Co - Ely

I first heard about this bookshop from the bloke I bought my house from. Almost a year later we were coming back from Cambridge and decided to do a mini detour to Ely and I remembered that he had mentioned it so we hunted it down. It is awesome because they have a gorgeous dedicated room of children and young adult books and they have loads of signed books. I went a little crazy in here and an dying for it to be half term so I can get down there again. I believe they have a shop in Bath too.

Peter's books Sheringham

This place is a little treasure trove - I haven't got pictures for it as I can't find anything online for it. It is a secondhand bookshop which is just like a Tardis. There are rooms and rooms of books piled everywhere. I first discovered it about 4 or 5 years ago and often drop in when I'm nearby. The stock doesn't turn over all that quickly (I wiped him out of old enid blyton's a while back and he hasn't recovered) but I very rarely leave empty handed. I got a very old edition copy of Alice in wonderland (1898 I think) and an old copy of Winnie the Pooh from here along with a few first editions of some modern books like Private Peaceful. He has had a good sort out recently which means you can actually get to the shelves now which is good.

Waterstones Cambridge

I will admit its rare if I buy anything from Waterstones. The ones in Norwich don't do it for me at all (especially the one at UEA - too many bad memories of having to shell out small fortunes for books I didn't particularly want). However there is something about the one in Cambridge I love (maybe its just because I am in Cambridge and the surroundings make me feel intelligent). The young Adult section in this one is particularly good and they have a fab section of American Imports which I love to look through.

Foyles - London

I have only just recently found this place it is immense. I got completely lost and confused and wanted to change career whilst being in the shop. I could have spent all day in there with all the beautiful books. Love it.

Forbidden Planet - London

Not technically a bookshop but they do have a good book selection, with a dedicated Young Adult section which is essentially all I am interested in a bookshop anyway. They usually have quite a few signed copies of books up for grabs. It has the bonus of having a lot of weird boy things in the shop which keeps my husband entertained for hours.

I'd love any suggestions of any other good bookshops particularly in East Anglia and London (or wider afield - we may go on a day trip here and there!) so please leave me comments with suggestions


Caroline said…
I shall give Forbidden Planet a try then!!!
The two first ones look amazing!!
Willa said…
Foyles in London is great but I really love the sound of the one where they give you a cup of tea! How perfect is that?! I could spend days in Waterstones on Regent Street, it is SO big.
Oh I love hearing about people's favourite bookstores! I haven't actually been into that Foyles in London, it's shocking! But I do love Forbidden Planet. I'm not sure what to recommend, really..
PinkLux said…
i wish we had more bookshops here in scotland. We only have waterstones, whsmith and a small forbidden planet but its mainly comics and stuff
Mel said…

I actually do a monthly feature on my favourite bookshops/reading places on my blog (called Book Temples) - guess great minds think alike! :-)

In London I recommend you check out the South Bank Book Market and Skoob near Russell Square for some great second hand books (I love teh smell of history with old books!)
I think I am in love. First thing I do when I visit anywhere is scout out the bookshops. I nowwant to come visit you ;)
Fi-chan said…
D: wish I could visit them!
Hanna said…
Okay, one sec! I never knew Forbidden Planet has a YA section! All I saw when I went there (and I went there entirely for twilight and Avatar merchandises) are comics and movie books! But I do love Foyles, which has a great selection of YA titles and I miss Waterstones Cambridge (used to live there).

Great post!