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In my Mailbox (15)

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A fab week this week bookwise!


Losing Faith by Denise Jaden

I preordered this a while ago and it finally showed up. Read in one sitting (almost - I had to change trains). A fab little book if ever there was one. Review should be up Monday, followed by an interview with Denise on Tuesday (with a related small give away for my UK followers)

From Foyles bookshop

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

I did a Fab friday mini post about this place - I hadn't even heard of it until last week but I decided to do some bookshops whilst in London last weekend and this one came up when I did a google search. I had my husband trail around after me looking for it and when we finally found it I swear I was in bookshop heaven. The place is huge. Anyways back to the book. Already read, awesome story with the added bonus of getting a signed edition. (If you want your own signed edition they also had them on their website

By Midnight by Mia James

I forgot I had signed up for this but I am very excited to read it. It is by a British debut author and looks fab. Thank you Lynsey for organising the tour!

From The Norfolk Children's Book centre

I have been wanting to make use of this place for ages. They are a little independent bookshop in Norfolk and I can't believe I haven't been there before properly (I have used them for work and been to some of their signing events). The entire shop is crammed floor to ceiling with books. When you first arrive they offer you a cup of tea or coffee and it is literally paradise for booklovers with their comfy chairs and sofas all over the place. The staff are very knowledgable and friendly too. It is on my way home from work so I can see me turning up there for a browse on the way home being a more than a regular thing.

Incarceon by Catherine Fisher

I think its dystopian - looks good!

Candor by Pam Barchorz

I don't really know what this is about but I saw it on Clovers blog fluttering butterflies and then saw it in the shop so picked it up - she generally has the same taste in books as me so I am assuming it will be good.

Numbers 2 by Rachel Ward

Wasn't too sure on the first one of these - liked the concept just not to execution, hoping this book is better done.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Again a book I don't know a huge amount about but it looks good!


Belinda said…
By Midnight has a striking cover and I'm interested in seeing what it's about. I'll be back to check out your review on it. Happy reading and a great mailbox!

Here's my In My Mailbox
Ooh! You got Candor because of my review *worries* I have The Maze Runner and Numbers 2 as well but haven't gotten around to them yet. I love both of their covers. I really, really want to read Losing Faith. Going to look up Incarceron..
Wow... I love your book selections! I recently picked up Incarceron by Catherine Fisher too!!=)

I love it all. Have a good one!
Unknown said…
Thank you for your comment on my blog :). I'm your new follower :D !!
Great book selections :). I want to read Losing Faith and By Midnight too so can't wait to read your reviews about those books !
Hope you'll have a great week reading those books !
Manda said…
I agree with you on Numbers. Hopefully The Chaos will be better. Hope you like the others!
Aisle B said…
You got Losing Faith! NICE!
Great set of books I see the Mailman has been kind :)

Here's my meager loot on Aisle B
By Midnight looks fantastic. I have it on my wishlist too!
prophecygirl said…
You got some great books there, I'm especially looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Annexed. Hope you enjoy them all!
Daisy said…
Your cover of Incarceron looks less gloomy than the other one I know :)

I have an award for you:
Jackie said…
Incarceon and Maze Runner have been on my Radar a while now, enjoy your loot Kirsty and thanks for stopping by my mailbox earlier.. Finally able to stop by yours as blogger was not cooperating with me!

jackie ^_^
Krystal said…
Ok, well I'm jealous! All your books looks fantastic! I haven't read any of them yet, but plan to.
Great haul, and enjoy reading them :)
Jenny said…
Oh you got great books this week! I haven't read The Maze Runner but I've heard such good things about it an the premise for The Scorch Trials sounds amazing. I just finished Incarceron and really enjoyed it, I'll be looking forward to your review!
Anonymous said…
Some fab books there, I hope you enjoy By Midnight and Incarceron!
You've definitely got a great selection of books. By Midnight is something I've wanted to read for quite some time now! Enjoy!
Tasha said…
Your mailbox consists of a lot of interesting covers... Hope they are all as interesting as the covers. Thanks for stopping by my mailbox. Happy Reading!!

~Book Obsessed
I really can't wait to read Losing Faith! Great books. Enjoy!
Mel said…
Lots of good books - I've read By Midnight and really enjoyed it! The Highgate cemetary location made it different for me - hope you like it!:-)

Thanks for stopping mine earlier!
Sab H. said…
The Maze Runner is awesome!! And I LOVE that UK cover of it *jealous* Enjoy :P
Wow y9u got a lot of good books this week! i hope you enjoy all your loot1

Happy reading!
Eleni said…
Nice books this week, I look forward to your review of Losing Faith :)
Jamie said…
Can't wait to read your review of Losing Faith! I keep seeing this one!

My IMM vlog
Amy said…
Thanks for stopping by! Great haul this week! Happy reading!
Candace said…
Great week! I haven't read Incarceron yet, but I really need to! The Maze Runner is a great dystopian and I can't wait for the next one!
I really want to read By Midnight! I hope you enjoy all of your books :)
Erica said…
All of those look really great. I can't wait to hear what you thing of them.
vvb32 reads said…
ooo, maze runner. been meaning to pick it up. glad to see it in paperback now.
Oo really great mailbox!! The Maze Runner has been on my list far too long - I need to get around to reading it! The Numbers series also sounds really fascinating, if a little creepy. I hope you enjoy your new reads!
basma aal said…
Great books and greater blog. Thanks for visiting my blog
Midnyte Reader said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your haul looks great and By Midnight sounds intriguing. Can't wait to hear what it's about!
Laurie T said…
I liked Losing Faith. You got some nice titles this week. Enjoy them all!
Christin said…
Great books! The Maze Runner has been on my tbr list for forever! Enjoy!
Joanna said…
I really want to read Losing Faith! Hope you enjoy reading it :0)
Amber said…
You got some great books. The only one I've heard anything about it Losing Faith and it sounds like it'll be a great read. I hope you enjoy!
Kelly Jensen said…
Candor IS fantastic. You must check out the website associated with it, too:

Nice week!
-k said…
Enjoy Incarceron, I can't wait to read Sapphique. And I really want to read The Maze Runner.
Great reads and happy reading!
danya said…
Glad to hear you enjoyed Losing Faith as well! I have Incarceron out from the library but haven't really tried to get into it yet.
Lizzy said…
By Midnight looks really interesting. Hope you enjoy all your books!
There are some interesting covers in that stack. :) Have fun reading.
I've heard that Incarceron is good and I lurve me some dystopian YA. Can't wait to hear what you think.
Michelle said…
Oh I got Incarceron from the library last week! Very excited to ready it. :)
Great books! I'd really like to read incarceron and maze runner too.
Fi-chan said…
Oh can't wait for your review for Numbers 2! I can't decide if I want to get it D:

Thanks for commenting at my In My Mailbox!
A.J. said…
Incarceon & The Maze Runner were pretty good. :) Hope you like all the books! :D