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Review: Unstoppable by Liz Bankes

Rosie has managed to wangle spending the summer before uni in the same house as her boyfriend Cal – but who else should also be staying except for the infamous man-eater, Cleo.

Things between Cal and Rosie could never have been described as easy, but her growing jealousy seems like an unstoppable force. Can their love weather the storm?

My thoughts
I have been waiting for this book for ages and couldn't read it quick enough. I loved it because it was Funny, heartfelt and really sweet. It felt me to like a Sarra Manning novel comparable to the Diary of a Crush series.

I particularly loved Rosie and all her worrying as she was definitely a character I could relate to with my crazed worrying and OCD list making.

My very geeky side adored the pop culture references particularly those that referenced His Dark Materials,

A book I adored and a series I would thoroughly recommend