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Review: Close to the Wind by Jon Walter

There's a ship down at the dock.

There are places for a few, but not many.

If you have enough money and know the right people, you might get a ticket.

Or you might not.

Malik's mother has been missing for days, his home has become unrecognisable, and his grandfather is insisting that they leave on the next and final ship: The Samaritan. This journey will take them to a country which promises safety and a new life. The only problem is, they don't have a ticket, and people are stopping at nothing to get a place on board. Luckily Papa has a secret that could change everything. But who can they trust to help them?

My thoughts
Close to the wind is a beautiful read which I thoroughly enjoyed and captivated by throughout.

Close to the wind is the story of Malik and his grandfather who are trying to flee their country, which has been takeover my the military, on a sailing ship. The only snag being they don't have tickets or the means to buy them. I enjoyed the story for a variety of reasons.

Firstly I was captivated by Malik and his Grandfather's story and their mission to escape their home in a country which has become a scary place. The methods and lengths they have to go to in order to survive are jaw dropping and you feel for them every step of the way. The story was told from Malik and seeing how things play out from his more innocent point of view is utterly heartbreaking. For me this book is about family and the lengths you go to keep those you hold dear safe.

All in all a beautiful and heartbreaking read which you will not be able to finish dry eyed.