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ReviewL Irresistible by Liz Bankes

When Mia gets a job in a posh health/country club during her gap year, she is strikes up a friendship with the laconic and funny Dan. Dan is also working in the club and keeps Mia amused. However, she soon finds herself drawn to the wealthy bad boy, Jamie. Jamie is the beautiful and privileged Cleo’s boyfriend. Mia knows that her relationship with Jamie is wrong, but there’s something so dangerously exciting about Jamie that she just can’t stop.

My thoughts

The first book from the new adult genre that I've read from a British author and I must say I really did enjoy it. I'm hoping other UK authors will follow suit.

Irresistible is an easy and quick read which I enjoyed. It was lots of fun throughout.

Irresistible is the story of Mia. Mia gets a job waitressing for the summer while waiting for her GCSE results. It's an opportunity for her to save her a bit of money and make some new friends. She quickly becomes friends with Dan but also finds that she is completely and utterly drawn in my the owner's son who is not but also a real bad boy called Jamie.

For me this book reminded me of cruel intentions. The boy is a bit twisted and but also charming at the same time and the girl is naive and completely taken in by him. So many times in this book I kept thinking of how much it reminded me of that film.

For me I really liked that while Mia did get drawn in she still had enough about her to walk away when she needed to and take a step back from the situation. I also liked the fact that she knew her own mind and didn't go out of her way to hurt other people or get sucked in completely by a gorgeous face.

A nice and engaging story which I enjoyed. 


Luckily a copy of this book arrived for me yesterday so I can read it soon ..