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Mini review: Hit Squad by Sophie McKenzie

The Medusa Project team is due to be disbanded and the teenagers sent to separate locations. But Nico, Ketty, Ed and Dylan are determined to investigate claims that a drug with the same powers as the Medusa gene has been developed. Joined by new friends Cal and Amy, who also carry the gene, the four set off on their most dangerous mission yet. An explosive conclusion to the series

A cracking end to a series which I have enjoyed. as before lots of twists and turns that kept you guessing to the end. The style of Sophie's wotrk is very distinctive to her and I find it very very easy to slip into the world she creates. I liked seeing where the characters I have followed ended up and the way in which the story was finished off was brilliant and rounded it off well. I loved how the narrative was split across all the main characters rather than just one point of view like previous books and again I thought it was really fitting for this final instalment.