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British Books Challenge: December sign up

Welcome to the last month of the British Books Challenge for 2012. Thank you so much to everyone who hs participated in the challenge. I hope you enjoyed it

The winner of the prize pack for November donated by Nosy Crow is Vicky from Vicky Thinks (Please email me your mailing address asap!)

The December prize pack will be donated by Hot Key Books

As always link your reviews below. At the end of the month it'd be fab if you could leave a message saying how many books you managed to read this year for the British Books Challenge 2012

As planned from the start of this year the British Books Challenge 2013 will be hosted by my lovely blogging friend Sarah from feeling fictional. Please go to her blog and sign up for next year!


Woohoo! I don't think I've been first to link a review before!

Many thanks for running the 2012 British Books Challenge and for all the hard work you've put into it. I've thoroughly enjoyed participating :)
Victoria Hooper said…
Yay! *does snoopy dance* Thanks so much! :-D Now to get to my December books... :-)
Mel said…
It's the final month and I can't believe how much fun I've had with this challenge. Still hoping to get a couple more reviews up this month! :-)

Thanks so much Kirsty for hosting it this year!
Beth Kemp said…
And there's my 40th BBC review for this year *does a jig* I'd also like to thank you for hosting this - it's such a commitment but enjoyed by so many. Thank you!!
Shakira said…
Thanks so much for hosting the challenge. It;s been great fun and I'm sure evryone enjoyed it!
Victoria Hooper said…
Woohoo, another one up! Getting close to my goal now. This latest one links to Fantasy Faction rather than my blog, but the review is written by me so I think it's ok? Thanks so much for hosting this, having a lot of fun with it! :-)
Anonymous said…
December has been my catch-up month for UK books, I wanted to make 50 and I think I might just manage that. Happy reading everyone!
Beth Kemp said…
42 British Books reviewed - yay! Thanks again for all your hard work hosting this. I'll definitely be signing up with Sarah for 2013.
32 British Books read so far for 2012, but I'm hoping to get at least one more in!
srivalli said…
Sorry entered teh same link twice, can you please remove entry number 28. Sorry for the trouble.
Victoria Hooper said…
Yay, that's 12 books! (I joined in late, so I'm pretty pleased with that). But still hoping to get all 14 reviewed before the end of December and complete my list! :-)
srivalli said…
Here is my wrap up post
I read 57 British books.