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Review: Hidden Lies by Victor Watson

I really enjoyed Hidden Lies as it was every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be.

What I particularly enjoy about this series is the fact that it is both so accessible and enjoyable as a story within itself but also that gives you a real insight into the historical period without over burdening the reader. The whole series is a brilliant example of how I think historical fiction should be done for children and teenagers.

As a reader I really enjoyed getting back to characters I have enjoyed following since book one. I love the dynamic the ever growing cast of regulars have and I love the banter and loyalty between them. For me when I'm reading them I almost feel like the capture the same sort of magic I felt when I first read the famous five books as a child and I love that they are quite innocent. The story itself revolves around a mystery involving the death of new character Cassie's uncle. I loved being kept on my toes as I never found that I guessed he the story was going to go early. A special mention needs to go to young Edward. I loved that boy to pieces in book 2 and I loved seeing how he had grown as a character and how brave he was in this book.

As a history teacher. Love how these books give a real insight not life during the second world war on the home front and I could quite happily recommend these books to any child I teach from age 11 -16 without the worry that the book would be inappropriate content wise for the younger ones or not enough for the older ones. I also like how it would appeal to both boys and girls.

A cracking series which I thoroughly enjoy and genuinely get excited about reading when a new book is released. Looking forward to the next instalment already.