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Book to Film adaptions I love

I'm a huge skeptic when it comes to film to book adaptions and often I hate the film versions with a passion but there are a few out there I love

The series of unfortunate events.

I am stunned that I loved this as I'm not a huge fan of the books and I usually hate Jim Carey but I loved this! It's so funny and captures the book brilliantly.

The Hunger Games

Yes there were bits that could have been done better namely the whole mockingjay pin bit but on the whole I love it and how it captured Katniss. I can't wait for the extended blu ray to come out.

The Hole

I love this film to bits. I love how it twists and turns but I really didn't get the book at all. A rare example for me of a film better than the book.


I loved this film! I didn't read the book beforehand which is a rarity for me but went out and bought it afterwards because of how much I loved it.

what have I missed. Can anyone recommend any other good book to film adaptions


I didn't know The Hole came from a book but I loved that film.

Not sure about 'good' ones but here's a pretty good list of them:
Cliona said…
I LOVED Stardust! But the book was awful I though :/ The Hunger Games was awesome, but I age about the mockingjay pin bit!
The only one of these I haven't seen is the hole, I really loved Lemony Sniket an Stardust, both of them were watched before I read the books but I just bought Stardust to read so Hopeully I'll get to it soon!