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Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Published by HarperCollins

War looms in sixteen-year-old Tris’s dark dystopian world as disputes between the factions grow. Tris must now fight against all odds to discover the truth that can save her and the people she loves. Sides must be chosen, secrets will emerge – and the choices she makes will have devastating and unexpected consequences.


How long has it seemed like I've had to wait for this book?? Too long!! I must say after loving Divergent I was so so so excited to get this title.

I must say first that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did Divergent and I think that was due to the gap that I had between reading the two books. Insurgent throws you straight back in the middle of the action and I was often feeling like I didn't have a clue who anyone was or what was going on. I would therefore very much recommend you read this book back to back with Divergent.

One thing I did really enjoy about this book was getting to know Tris again. I love her feistyness and seeing how far she will go for the greater good. I think I've said it before but she really is a Kick-ass heroine who you want to get behind and root for.

I did feel that in this book you really got to grips with the different factions and the differences between them. I liked that aspect of the book because it meant that I finally got my head around them and understood much more how the system worked.

This book is very much a "second in the series" title. As previous stated it jumps straight in where the action picks up and you are very much aware that something huge is building up as the story goes on. The scene has definitely been set for a awesome final book to end the trilogy off.

As with Divergent the thing I loved most about this book was Four and his general gorgeousness. You can see exactly why Tris goes weak at the knees for him

The end of the book was simply stunning. I won't say what happened at the end but I was left with one word which was "WOW". I am now desperate to finish off the series


prettybooks said…
I agree that it was wonderful finding out the differences between the factions. It helped a lot when picturing everything.