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Queen of Teen: Vote for James Dawson!! Plus giveaway

James Dawson is on the shortlist for the Queen of Teen award for his book Hollow Pike.

If you follow my blog or my random tweeting you'll know that I loved Hollow Pike by James Dawson something fierce. (If you are interested see my review here) It is witty and poignant with brilliant morals and a diverse selection of teenage characters who I loved. I simply can't say enough good things about this book and am regularly giving copies to people to share the Hollow Pike love.

I was lucky enough to meet James Dawson at the weekend at an event run by Foyles showcasing a range of YA authors and get him to sign not only my copy but also a second copy of Hollow Pike to giveaway to you guys.

To enter all I'm asking is that you go to fill the form in below to enter. I would also love it if you went to Queen of Teen website and voted for James to win* and / or spread the word and get others to vote too. How awesome would it be to have a male winner?? I personally want to see James in a Tiara on the glitzy Queen of Teen  throne Winner is Georgie from


CarlyB said…
If I was five years younger I'd be all over that voting page, my dear. Hollow Pike is still one of my most memorable reads for allllll the right reasons.x