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Bookcase Showcase: Maria Teresa Fortes da Luz

 My name's Maria Teresa Fortes da Luz and I'm a Portuguese girl who loves books.

I've ordered my books by genre, sometimes by age but always using my heart. Half of my books are in English because I don't trust translations, I think most of the times they ruin the original book.

As you can see I am a Stephen King fan. But I'm also a Fleming fan, a Gaiman fan, an Austen fan, an Alice Hoffman fan... Portuguese authors are amazing too: Jose Saramago, Fernando Pessoa, Eça de Queiros, Julio Dinis, Manuel da Fonseca, Fernando Namora.

I love horror, romance, crime, erotica, espionage, fantasy, I love reading, exploring new worlds, books are my passion. I like to read them but I also like to look at them, that's why I don't like to have books in front of books.

Just a note: My bookshelves tell little stories through toys, miniatures, boxes, feathers, random memories, old gifts. The pictures were taken in my bedroom.


so fun! thanks for sharing!
Maria said…
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Maria said…
Kirsty, thank you for posting my photos. It's an honour to be in your blog. It's wonderful to share my passion for books with you and all book lovers.


*Portuguese (kisses)

[Lindsay, thanks :)]