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The house we called home by Jenny Oliver

The house where Stella and her sister Amy grew up never changes – the red front door, the breath-taking view over the Cornish coast, her parents in their usual spots on the sofa. Except this summer, things feel a little different…

Stella’s father is nowhere to be seen, yet her mother – in suspiciously new Per Una jeans – seems curiously unfazed by his absence, and more eager to talk about her mysterious dog-walking buddy Mitch.

Stella’s sister Amy has returned home with a new boyfriend she can barely stand and a secret to hide, and Stella’s husband Jack has something he wants to get off his chest too. Even Frank Sinatra, the dog, has a guilty air about him.
This summer, change is in the air for the Whitethorns…

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've liked Jenny's books so far but I think is my favourite to date.

I particularly enjoyed what this book had to say about family and being true to yourself rather than putting on a front for others. There is so much in this book I could empathise with. The frustrated daughter home to deal with an emergency having been estranged for a while, the mother and her collection of mugs the family just keep buying because "she likes them" and the whole situation of a family who have struggled to save face for years and buried their head in the sand rather than facing issues that are less than ideal.

I particularly enjoyed who the book balanced the heartfelt against the really funny. The scene with the septic tank in particular made me laugh lots.

All in all a book I thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait for more from Jenny.