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Library Loans February

I've not read much from the library this month. Not particularly because of a conscious decision. A lot of the books I've reserved haven't come in yet which means I haven't been in for a browse and my review reading pile needed a bit of attention. That said the books I have from the library were awesome as follows.

The Dark Angel by Elly Griffiths

Not a review as such for this one as if you haven't read the rest of the series it won't mean much to you. I power read through the other none books over the summer and was delighted to get my hands on this earlier in the month. I'm not quite sure now I'm going to last waiting a year for the next one.

Rise up women by Diane Atkinson

This had to be one of the most readable non fiction books I've picked up in a while and I loved it, so much so I've added it to my wishlist to buy a cop for school a some point. It looks at the fight for the vote with a lot of focus on the suffragist movement and absolutely brought those women to life for me. I was fascinated from the first to the last page and am so pleased I read it so that I found out more about how awesome they were.

In Love and War by Liz Trenow

This book follows the story of three young women as they visit the Ypres area not long after the end of World War One. I visit Ypres yearly and I never quite considered what it must have been like after the war and now the area has developed into one which is geared up to meet the needs of the numerous tourists visiting the area to visit World War One grave sites and memorials. A really interesting insight for me personally.