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Storms by Chris Vick

Every storm breaks in the end…

Jake never meant to fall for a girl that night. But plans change and soon Jake and Hannah are together, inseparable. That is, until Hannah gets an opportunity that will take her away, where Jake could never afford to follow.

Then the storm comes, bringing with it an extraordinary discovery, something that could turn Jake’s life around. But the gifts of the sea can be cursed, and the great wave that is forming may break Jake and Hannah’s world – and their hearts…

I get to a certain point in the year when I start to crave books about surfing and/ or Cornwall and this book nicely filled that craving. I read Chris Vick's Kook last year and it left me very excited for this as soon as I heard it was about to be published.

Storms is the story of Jake and Hannah. I loved them as a couple and found myself rooting for them from the outset especially as they face so many obstacles in their relationship particularly around money as Hannah comes from a wealthy family and Jake's is struggling to get by financially.

The book also focuses on a group of whales who end up beached locally as Hannah finds herself involved and desperate to help them. I found this aspect of the story particularly fascinating because I'd not really thought much about anyone would go about helping beached whales out.

A really interesting read that I really enjoyed.