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And then we ran by Katy Cannon

A road-trip story about following your dreams and embracing the unexpected.

Megan knows what she wants out of life and she intends to get it, whatever her parents say.

Elliott has given up on all his plans for the future – but then Megan bursts into his life with a proposal that could change it forever.

Together they embark on a road trip to escape their hometown and chase their dreams. But life is a journey and not even Megan can control where theirs will lead…

I loved Katy's previous YA offerings so I was very excited to hear about this book and I'm pleased to say to lived up to all expectations.

And then we ran is the story of Megan and Elliot both of whom are desperate to get out of the situation they are currently in and willing to go to desperate lengths to do it even if it means following through on a crazy scheme to run away and get married at 16.

I loved this book for several reasons. Firstly who doesn't love a good roadtrip book? I love a good roadtrip book and rarely get them set in the UK so I was all in for this. I also loved that Elliot was a historian who wanted to work at the British Museum. I don't think I've ever encountered a teen historian in YA before so personally this was super exciting for me especially because the portrayal did not involve tweed or elbow patches. I loved how out there Megan was and how far she was willing to go to get what she wanted even if it meant taking a stand against her parents.

All in all it is super cute and heart warming as well as being a cracking story to follow especially when waiting to see if Megan and Elliot actually go through with their plans. I loved it and am looking forward to more from Katy in the future.