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Damage by Eve Ainsworth

How can you heal if you can't face your past? Confident, popular Gabi has a secret - a secret so terrible she can't tell her family, or her best friend. She can't even take pleasure in her beloved skateboarding any more. And then one day an impulse turns to something darker. Gabi has never felt so alone. But then she learns that not everyone has wounds you can see. A searing look at self-harm and acceptance from hugely talented author Eve Ainsworth. Warning: includes content that some readers may find upsetting.

Just a quick review for this fab read. I really enjoy Eve's books because they are thoughtful and don't shy away from covering the hard hitting stuff that teens today face. I thought the way in which Gabi's life was written about was really well done and I liked seeing how Eve covered self harm in a thoughtful way really helping you understand why Gabi was doing what she was doing especially because it's an issue that's so easily dismissed by some as attention seeking whereas actually when you read this you clearly can see that there's so much more to it. A really interesting read from a UKYA author whose releases I am always excited to get my hands on because they are guaranteed to be thought provoking and powerful.