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Can't wait to read

I am always on the look out for my next read and because I tend to read all my proofs quickly I find myself doing a lot of pining on goodreads over books months away from publication.

These are the books I am most excited about of late.

Truth or Dare by Non Pratt

A powerful and moving novel about bravery from the Guardian's "writer to watch" Non Pratt, perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell, John Green and Holly Bourne. How far is too far when it comes to the people you love? Claire Casey hates being the centre of attention. But if it means getting Sef Malik to notice her, it’s a risk she’s happy to take. Sef is prepared to do anything to help his recently disabled brother. But this means putting Claire’s love – and life – on the line. Because when you're willing to risk everything, what is there left to lose?

I am beside myself waiting for this book. I adore Non and I feel like twitter is personally taunting me as all the pesky booksellers have got their hands on this in the last month or so and are raving about it *rocks back and forth in the corner chanting "it'll be worth the wait, it'll be worth the wait ..."* If you've not come across Non's writing start with Non's debut Trouble as for me it really showcases Non's strength of capturing teen voice perfectly. I've loved all her books so far and cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Girlhood by Cat Clarke

Real, compulsive and intense: Cat Clarke is the queen of emotional suspense. For fans of E Lockhart, Lisa Williamson, Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn

Harper has tried to forget the past and fit in at expensive boarding school Brodick Academy. But she can't escape guilt of her twin sister's Izzy's death, and her own part in it. But new girl Kirsty seems to understand Harper. She has lost a sister too. Harper finally feels secure. She finally feels...loved. As if she can grow beyond the person she was when Izzy died. Then Kirsty's behaviour becomes more erratic. Why is her life a perfect mirror of Harper's? And why is she so obsessed with Harper's dead sister?

A darkly compulsive story about love, death, and growing up under the shadow of grief.

Cat is another author I adore and I am particularly excited for this book because it's a boarding school story which I've never been able to get enough of and I appear in this book. I won a charity auction ages ago to be a named character in this book so I'm looking forward to finally getting a copy.

After the fire by Will Hill


Deep in the Texas desert, Moonbeam lives with her Brothers and Sisters. They're safe, protected by the Fence and Father John. Because Father John knows what's right and what's wrong. But then Nate arrives from Outside, stirring doubt...and suddenly Moonbeam's world is on fire. But what happens after? What happens when you lose everything you've ever known?

Powerful, gripping, and beautifully told, bestselling author Will Hill's After the Fire is a novel about love, hope, loss and, ultimately, courage.

I'll read anything Will writes after loving his Department 19 series all the way through. I'm looking forward to this because it looks like it is going to be so different from Department 19. 

Aurabel by Laura Dockrill


Laura Dockrill makes a dramatic return to the sea set in the same world as the sparkling and magnetic mermaid story, Lorali.

It has been two years since Rory drowned, and Lorali is in Hastings, living the quiet life of a normal teenage girl. But her safe life on land won't last for long. Life in The Whirl has become a hotbed of underwater politics and as the council jostles to oust the king, one Mer in particular has her eye on Lorali as the key to her own rise to power.

Meanwhile, Aurabel, a lowly Mer from the wrong side of the trench, is attacked by sea beasts and left for dead - and without a tail. Raging with righteous anger, she rebuilds herself a mechanical tail and reinvents herself as a fearless steampunk Mer seeking revenge. But she never expected the most important job that was about to drop into her lap.

Laura Dockrill's imagination explodes any pre-conceived ideas about mermaids and creates a curious, hilarious, riotous adventure not to be missed.

I am not a fan of mermaid books but as my review policy says I will gladly make an exception for Laura's mermaid books after reading and adoring Loralai. I adore anything see writes because her books are so quirky and I'm looking forward to catching up with Loralai again.

One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton

It's been a year since Milly, Elyse and Leonie's dad died, and a year since their last trip to Rome. Summer's here again, and once again they are heading with their mum to Italy - but what's it going to be like going without Dad? Rome still holds its familiar charms - the sun is still as warm, the gelato as delicious, the people as welcoming. But nothing is quite as it once was ...

With grief still raw for all of them, Milly is facing the additional awfulness of having to see Luke again - gorgeous, gorgeous Luke, who she had a fling with last year, and who she made a total fool of herself with - or so she thinks. What's going to happen this time? What's more, things between Milly, her sisters and their mum are rocky - Leonie is being tempestuous and unpredictable, Elyse is caught up with her new boyfriend, and Milly feels like she just doesn't know how she fits in any more.

Over one Italian summer, can Milly find a way back to the life she once had?

Keris is another author I adore and I've loved all her books consistently. I cannot wait to read more from her and this book sounds particularly up my street.