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Time for Jas by Natasha Farrant

Bluebell and her siblings are beginning a new school year. Suddenly everyone is freaking out. Twig has taken up violent team sports, poor Jas is being bullied by the ghastly Cupcake Crew and Blue has a big decision to make.

There are fights and crying fits. Halloween parades gone wrong and secret graffiti artists. Confusing friendships and life-changing choices. But there is also laughter and above all, there is love - and that's what being a family is all about.

Just a quick few words about this book. I loved this series from the beginning and this book continues and sadly finishes it perfectly. The entire series have a lot to say about family and about being the person you want to be. They are full of heart and really sweet and lovely. I loved seeing the book from Jas's point of view and spending time with my favourite fictional family again.