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Cool Mythology by Malcolm Croft

Fearless heroes, all-powerful gods, terrifying monsters: the world of mythology is endlessly fascinating, and there's a lot to find out about. This nifty little book will make you a mythology expert quicker than a dragon can incinerate a knight. Learn how Perseus avoided being turned to stone and defeated Medusa, and experience the ins and outs of the Trojan War. Discover why the Norse gods were historical superheroes, and marvel at the Rainbow Serpent myths of indigenous Australian peoples. Find out how ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun, and explore the many places where it's said King Arthur might have lived. Ancient myths are still relevant to today's society, explaining traditions and giving lasting moral lessons. But most of all, they're entertaining adventures that connect us to the past—and this book is the perfect introduction to how cool mythology really is.

My thoughts
A really lovely introduction to Mythology. I really enjoyed flicking through this book as it had lots of information information in bite sized chunks meaning it was perfect for dipping in and out of. It's about the same size as a standard paperback but in a nice hardcover edition which makes it quite chunky and nice to hold. The only downside it that it flits back and forth between different mythologies and my OCD tendancies would have liked it to have been split into clear sections in chronological order.