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Mighty Women of Science by Clare Forrest

Clare Forrest’s Mighty Women of Science is a playful and enlightening look at some well known- and some not so well known- women who have and continue to change the world of science. From A for Astronaut (Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space) to Z for Zoologist (the award winning Biruté Gladikas), Mighty Women of Science is an all ages book in full colour.

If there is one book from the many I have read this year that I will be buying multiple copies of and recommending far and wide it'll be this one. 

Mighty Women of Science is a graphic novel / picture book which showcases women who have made huge contributions to science but largely gone unheard of because of the way our history is written. As a historian and a feminist it makes me cross that these women are overlooked and really keen to ensure that I make efforts to include them in my teaching.

This is is a perfect book for young girls (and boys for that matter) to inspire them that Science is for girls and something they can inspire to go into in the future. All of these women are worthy role models and far  for a generation who are growing up in a society where some still value women by their appearance rather than their intelligence. These women are awesome and need to be known and celebrated for being so. hell I'm inspired and am sorry I never got the chance to be a Girl of Steel (Letter R is my favourite page at the moment).

Aside from the content the illustrations in this book are lovely and the whole book is a delight to read.

At the moment Amazon don't have copies but Waterstones do on their website and if you have a fabulous independant bookshop near you they'll be able to get you a copy. It's definitely worth it.