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Through the Mirror Blog Tour: Guest Post from Author Sarah Baker

Where I write

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.

Not really, that’s the opening line from, I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith, of course, one of my favourite books.

Where I really write is at my desk, in the living room. My desk is an angle table and my chair is a vintage 1950s mad men style swivel thing of joy which I can swing round and round in if I feel the need to (it’s very good for ideas). The lamp is a vintage orange Conran and makes a perfect spotlight on my laptop for the serious business of writing/editing late at night.

Facing me is the very first painting my son did and stuck into the edges are various post-its and cards. The post its contain editing notes, things to remember and occasionally the odd shopping list that’s snuck in. I am nothing without lists. 

I have three large windows in the living room but I deliberately face the wall (and the picture) so that all I can really see is what I’m writing. I’m easily distracted and a nice view or bustling coffee shop, while wonderful, is no good for me when I’m writing. I need peace and quiet, access to stationery and plenty of post its.

The other things on the desk are research books, a thesaurus (in case I’m avoiding the internet) and a cup of tea (Earl Grey, no milk). That gadget you can see is a baby monitor. I mostly write at night when my little one is asleep and this makes sure I can hear him if he wakes, which he doesn’t often these days, and for which he will get a glowing thanks in the acknowledgements of my next book.

Through the Mirror Door by Sarah Baker (£6.99, Catnip)