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Eden Summer by Liz Flanagan

Eden Summer set in the countryside of West Yorkshire, is about a girl called Jess as she retraces the events of the summer in an attempt to find her missing best friend, Eden.

My thoughts
I thought this book was really awesome. It is a perfect example of what I want from good a UKYA novel

I loved the characters because they felt so real. Their story made me feel like a teenager again in the way it just captured that essence of being young and confused and angry. I thought how it did pain grief and suffering was really poignant.

I loved how the story kept me guessing throughout as you start to work out both what happened in the recent past but also where it is that Eden might be. It was effortless to read. This is a good thing. I hate novels that feel like a real slog to get through. I want my books to be a pleasure to read. This book was an utter pleasure as the writing flowed beautifully meaning I zoomed through in one sitting because I didn't want to put it down.

All in all a perfect example of the brilliance of UKYA. I'll be very impatiently waiting for Liz's next book.