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Mini reviews: TV and Film tie ins

I received these two books in the last month to dip in and out of

Buffy: Demons of the Hellmouth

Demons of the Hellmouth is a fully licensed guide to the vampires and other demons that flocked to the Sunnydale Hellmouth in Joss Whedon’s cult TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This in-universe illustrated guide is written by Rupert Giles, and also contains handwritten notes from Buffy and Willow. This unique book promises a diabolical romp through the highlights of the beloved show.

I love Buffy and was therefore excited to read this. However I must say it didn't really do it for me. There was nothing in it I didn't already know and the 'notes' from Buffy and the gang didn't feel like them enough for me to buy it which put me off sadly.

Harry Potter: The Character Vault

Unlock new information about your favourite characters from the Harry Potter movies with this definitive coffeetable book profiling the good, the bad, and everything in between within the Harry Potter universe. Dive into the personal journeys of beloved Harry Potter heroes, and an insightful look at the motivations and actions of the films’ most notorious and complicated villains.

Concept art, behind-the-scenes imagery, and film stills track everyone from Harry, Hermione, and Ron to Dobby, Mad-Eye Moody, and Dolores Umbridge, telling their complete stories as they evolve throughout the film series. A comprehensive collection of the movies’ beloved characters, this beautifully designed book is the ultimate Harry Potter character overview.

This isn't the sort of book I read cover to cover. This is the sort of book that sits on my coffee table as I dip in and out of it which is exactly what I have been doing and I have to say I am fascinated. Loads of interesting snippets which I am really enjoying.