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Catch up since I've been AWOL for so long

You might have noticed over the past six weeks or so I have been rather absent both on here and on Bookish Brits and twitter. Things have been stupidly busy at work and I've not been in a brilliant place as a result of being completely overwhelmed with work stress which means I really haven't read much at all and not felt like reviewing anything. I've also managed to backlog myself and it has meant I've not wanted to blog anything because it just seems like another mountain I need to climb.

So the next few posts to follow are going to get me caught up with several little reviews of the bits and pieces I've been reading of late and to let you know that between now and the end of the year I might not be about much. If I do read anything I've keep goodreads updated but I'm hoping to give myself a bit of time without much pressure to get everything sorted. As a rule November / December tend to be quieter month for review copies now is a perfect time for me to get myself ahead reading any January titles that come my way and back into my routine of reading ahead so when work stuff hits the fan it doesn't make much of a difference on here.