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In another life by Laura Jarratt

American sisters Hannah and Jenny Tooley have spent their lives dreaming of flying to the UK and visiting all the places their English mother has told them about. But Jenny’s dream turns to a nightmare when she vanishes without a trace.

Hannah and her father arrive in England to a big police investigation. As Hannah gets to know some of Jenny’s friends and acquaintances, she realises that her sister is up to her neck in something – and the mysterious text messages she’s receiving bear this out. She is particularly drawn to Harry and, against her better judgement, begins to fall in love.

This book is awesome. I picked it up intending on reading a few pages before bed. Before I knew it I'd finished it completely and it was two in the morning but so so worth it.

This book keeps you guessing from the beginning through to the very end. I am deliberately not going to write much about what happened because I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I will say one bit was the most chilling scene I have ever read in a YA novel and I the way it worked out in the end is really shocking.

If you love Laura's previous work or YA thrillers this is definitely the book for you.