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This is not a love story by Keren David

Kitty dreams of a beautiful life, but that's impossible in suburban London where her family is haunted by her father's unexpected death. So when her mum suggests moving to Amsterdam to try a new life, Kitty doesn't take much persuading. Will this be her opportunity to make her life picture perfect?

In Amsterdam she meets moody, unpredictable Ethan, and clever, troubled Theo. Two enigmatic boys, who each harbour their own secrets. In a beautiful city and far from home, Kitty finds herself falling in love for the first time.

But will love be everything she expected? And will anyone's heart survive?

I have been a fan of Keren David for a while. Her stories are always really engaging and I oten find myself reading them in one sitting because I can't put them down. This book was no exception.

I loved This is not a love story from the first page. for a variety of reasons.

Firstly it is one of those books that has made me to want to book a trip to the place where it is set for a holiday. This book is set in Amsterdam focusing particularly at the many British people that have made it their home. It describes Amsterdam as a really fascinating and beautiful city which I really want to go and explore now.

I loved the story of Kitty. Kitty is 16 and just moved to Amsterdam for a new start with her mother. From the first page you really feel for her. She has had it tough over the past few months and is in a really fragile state and going to Amsterdam really gives her a new lease of life and a chance to find out more about who she is without her past hanging over her.

This story has a bit of a love triangle thing going on without being the real focus of the book and I enjoyed that whilst it was part of the story it wasn't the be all and end all of the story. I also enjoyed that the love triangle wasn't a straight forward and featured a bisexual character. To my mind more diverse characters are so needed in YA fiction as role models for teens to tackle unhelpful stereotypes. The story itself had me hooked and I needed to know what was going to happen next.

All in all an awesome read which I would thoroughly recommend.