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Demolition Dad by Phil Earle

This is the story of Jake Biggs and his dad, George. George spends all week knocking down buildings ... and all weekend knocking down wrestlers. He's the Demolition Man, and Jake couldn't be prouder. But when Jake hears about a pro-wrestling competition in the USA, and persuades his beloved dad to apply, things don't quite turn out the way he expected...

This is DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD in Spandex, a hilarious, warm-hearted story from a talented writer.

I love Phil Earle. Without a doubt he is one of the nicest guys in publishing and he knows his stuff when it comes to awesome books. No doubt this has translated to him writing awesome books of his own. Without exception I have adored all of his books and I was very excited about the prospect of reading this long before I was lucky enough to get a copy in my grubby little hands.

Demolition dad is utterly charming and has real heart to the story, something I have long since come to expect from a Phil Earle book. I adored the story of Jake and his Dad for a variety of reasons.

Firstly the relationship between Jake and his Dad is utterly adorable. I loved seeing the bond between them and seeing that positive father and son relationship.  It is clear that Jake's hero is his dad and this is a driving force of the story. The last book I read with such a strong father son bond was Danny the Champion of the World and I can see exactly why Demolition Dad has been compared to it.

The story itself is laugh out loud funny. There were so many times when I laughed out loud whilst reading this book and I loved that it did that for me.

I also loved that underneath all the laughs and funny bits that the story had real depth to it which was thoughtful and poignant. I won't go into too much detail about what happens but it really did make me think and feel for the main characters and the situations they found themselves facing.

A really charming tale about the bond between a boy and his father. I can't recommend it highly enough and cannot wait to get a finished copy with the illustrations in all their glory.