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Better Left Buried by Emma Haughton

Brother dead.
Best friend missing.
House ransacked.
Stalked by a stranger.
Attacked in the street...

...And Sarah has no idea why.

She never knew her brother was hiding a dark secret when he died. But now his reckless actions have led the wolves to her door. And the only way out is to run.

A tense, unnerving thriller that will set your heart racing, from the author of NOW YOU SEE ME

I read Now you see me last year and enjoyed it a lot. As a consequence I was really looking forward to this book.

Better left buried was a fast paced thriller which engaged me throughout. I did enjoy finding out more about the story as it unraveled but sometimes didn't always feel the connection with the main character in order to get completely invested in it.

All in all a book I did enjoy but not necessarily not one I was totally hooked on.